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A "But God" Conclusion

I was diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) in 2001, which was what I considered the "best" times of my life. I was a junior in college (PVNation) and had just pledged the best sorority in the world (Craig!), Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I was hit with a blow, discovering that this unheard of disease was incurable and I could possibly be permanently disabled. I had to fall back on everything I knew about God and muster up enough faith to simply believe for better. I called my family, they couldn't help. I called my Pastor, he couldn't help. I called my friends and they to couldn't help. But God!

Years went on and I battled depression, no one really knew. I hid behind the fake laughs and smiles simply because I wanted to be normal again...But God. I didn't know what my future held but what I did know is, I wanted to be the person God called me to be and be a positive world changer for God's glory.

I decided I didn't want to be depressed anymore. Yes, it was a decision to FIGHT. I decided that with the grace of God and the Holy Spirit, I was going to come out of this battle for my life VICTORIOUS.

I still went through hell and high water, but little did I know, there was already a BUT GOD Conclusion on the other side. I began placing scriptures of who God said I was all around my house. I looked up and wrote out affirmations that told my spirit how it should act and I recited them everyday. But God.

This is just a small manner of what God can do with anything. I felt doomed and destroyed; But God. The conclusion has not yet been lived in its totality, but because I choose to believe there is GREATER in my future, I will continue to proclaim in every situation....BUT GOD!

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